There was a really good keynote at the MIPCOM conference yesterday – a double-header between Miramax CEO Mike Lang and Netflix content boss Ted Sarandos, with minimal chest-beating flim-flam, and lots of discussion of digital disruption. How rare is it to hear this from a Hollywood studio bigwig?

“We believe that cross-platform is key to growing the digital transactions business. We believe that all these different platforms can be complementary and co-exist together. We think everything starts with the consumer. They’re not focused on windows or on what schedule they can watch something or on which device.”

Meanwhile Sarandos had interesting things to say about how Netflix plans to find audiences for new series by seeding them with people it thinks will like them – e.g. it did well with Spartacus by recommending it to people who’d liked the film 300 on Netflix. Lang also had some thoughts on Apple’s dominance of the music industry, and why that would be a bad thing for films and TV shows. “It’s really important as an industry that we try to allow multiple players in markets around the world… Our goal as an industry should be to have as many as possible, and may the best service win.”