More than 30% of Windows Phone users have now upgraded to the latest Mango software, according to specialist site WPCentral. The new software has been rolling out across the globe, and app developers are watching keenly to gauge whether they should be investing yet in supporting its new features.

Or, indeed, whether they should be investing in Windows Phone apps at all. Industry blog Asymco has some good analysis on that score, estimating that just 1.4 million Windows Phones were sold in the last financial quarter – a 1.3% market share. But writer Horace Dediu thinks Microsoft has a plan to “buy market share”, working with its handset partners to sell operators on the idea of pushing Windows Phones in their stores.

Finally, Nokia’s first Windows Phone appears to have broken cover, complete with a name – the Nokia 800 – and ads with the slogan ‘Take, Tag, Sort and Share. All in a Flash’.