More analysis of Q3′s smartphone sales and shipments? You got it, from Canalys. The company thinks that HTC shipped the most smartphones in the US last quarter, with 5.7 million units giving it nearly a quarter of the market.

Canalys has Samsung in second place with 4.9 million units, followed by Apple with 4.6 million. As ever, these are a.) analyst estimates and b.) based on shipments rather than sales to end users.

By platform, Canalys thinks Android now has a 70% share of new smartphone shipments in the US, higher than its 57% share worldwide.

Canalys also has a warning for RIM, suggesting that BlackBerry’s share slipped to just 9% last quarter as users drained away to Android and iOS. “The current outlook for it in the US is certainly bleak,” says senior analyst Tim Shepherd.