Hats off to ngmoco CEO Neil Young, who has responded to recent jibes from social mobile gaming rival PapayaMobile with a forthright blast of annoyance, revealed on Inside Mobile Apps.

Papaya had pointed out that the first wave of ngmoco and owner DeNA’s Mobage games hadn’t been downloaded much from Android Market. Young points out that Mobage-powered Zombie Farm is now over the 500,000 installs milestone, while Pocket Frogs has more than 100,000.

But it’s his quotes that are most entertaining. “That criticism is coming from a competing platform with a whole bunch of shitty games. What PapayaMobile said was a little bit mean-spirited, whereas my statement about them having shitty games is just fact.”

More seriously, Young says he thinks DeNA’s experience in Japan will be relevant in the West. “If you look at U.S. behavior, it looks eerily similar to what happened to Japan in the mid-2000s.”