The UK government’s Tech City cluster of technology firms in East London has been getting plenty of press in recent months. Now there’s an app for that. Two, in fact: one for iPhone and one for Android.

The iPhone version’s publisher is listed as HM Government – its second app following the Official Number 10 iPhone App, which came out in March 2010. However, the Tech City Android app’s listing reveals that apps platform Mobile Roadie is being used this time round as the basis for the app.

Content? The listing promises that the app helps people “Find out what Government has done, what’s happening in Tech City, and access some exclusive content. All the news, all the events, all in one place”. It also “recounts policy changes, explains some new initiatives, and includes news of what corporate partners are doing too.”

While browsing the Tech City section of the app, we also found a hint at future use of augmented reality technology. There’s a quote from Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch talking about his company’s Aurasma mobile AR subsidiary:

“It seems absolutely right that Aurasma – a technology developed here in the UK by Autonomy – has been chosen to enable this Tech City app. Aurasma is going to bring a whole new dimension to Tech City, bringing physical locations to virtual life and allowing visitors to see and interact with the area in a completely new visual way.”

We’re guessing this will sit under the ‘Map’ option, which currently takes you to a screen saying “You will be looking at the Tech City Map, which is launching very soon…” Update: We’ve just found out that the Aurasma features are found by swiping to the left on the homescreen – something that’s signified by three small dots under the homescreen’s four menu options. The Guardian’s Tech City podcasts can also be found there.

The Tech City app is free to download for iPhone and Android