When it launched a year ago, Path was a fun photo-sharing app with an emphasis on privacy controls – including a limit of 50 people to share with. Now it’s been revamped and relaunched as Path 2 – albeit as an update to the original app rather than an entirely new app – and is now being described as a ‘Smart Journal’.

Think of it as a slinky mobile equivalent of Facebook’s still-not-launched Timeline. “We’ve built a host of new features that make it easier to share even more on Path — your thoughts, the music you’re listening to, where you are, who you’re with, when you wake and when you sleep, and as always, your photos and videos,” explains the company.

Sharing on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare has been made easier, while an Automatic feature updates people’s ‘Paths’ for them when they visit new places. “Path is now a journal that writes itself. Less effort from you, more stories in your Path.”