Apple’s next financials will be announced later this month, but how are its rivals in the Android space doing? Samsung, HTC and Motorola have all divulged their latest sales figures.

Samsung announced record profits for Q4 and said it sold more than 300m mobile phones in 2011 as a whole, and while the company didn’t break that down into smartphones and feature phones, local analyst Dongbu Securities thinks the company shifted 32m smartphones in the fourth quarter alone.

HTC didn’t have such a good quarter, with revenues and operating profits down year-on-year. The company also didn’t reveal specific smartphone sales figures, although last November it warned that they wouldn’t be stellar, predicting big things instead from a raft of new models in 2012.

Another Android stalwart, Motorola, has estimated that it shipped 10.5m mobile phones in Q4 2011, with more than half of those – 5.3m – being smartphones.