Children love snacks and children love games, so putting the two of them together was always going to be a smart / vaguely sinister move, depending on where you stand. Entering into the debate, The Wall Street Journal has now published a fascinating piece that looks into the rush for snack food manufacturers to get into the mobile games space.

The article lays out the fairly obvious advantages for companies in creating these apps: they are generally cheaper than TV advertising, the create engagement and – crucially – they sidestep strict laws on advertising to children in the US. But, with the ongoing obesity crisis in America, there is increasing debate on advertising sugary foods to children, which could potentially lead to regulation of the app market.

Meanwhile, British sweet company Swizzels-Matlow has created Squashies World, an official game for iOS and Android that celebrates the soft jelly versions of some of its top brands, including Love Hearts, Refreshers and Drum Stick Lollies.

The game, which costs 69p / 99 cents from the App Store and Google Play, is a physics-based arcade puzzle game where players rescue the Squashie characters.