Mapping and navigation companies are scrambling to capitalise on the problems with Apple’s new iOS Maps app, including Telmap.

The company has launched a brand new navigation app called M8, billed in the material sent out to journalists as “designed to be more effective than Apple Maps, with better coverage than Waze in Europe, and offering more relevant local content than Google Maps in the UK”.

The app combines navigation and mapping with traffic updates, local information and social networking features. Partners include Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor. It’s available in the UK for iPhone and Android, with Telmap having brought its release forward a few days to capitalise on the Apple Maps controversy.

The app is free, with no obvious in-app purchases at this point. What’s the business model? Telmap is planning to reveal more on that in the coming days, so watch this space.

Telmap is best known in the mobile industry for its B2B work providing navigation services for mobile operators, although its existing Telmap Navigator software does have a profile with mobile users. M8 is a big, bold consumer play, though – albeit one facing strong established competition with the likes of Waze.