One of the apps trends of 2012 is the television industry’s interest in turning popular mobile games into TV formats. Cut the Rope and Battle Bears are the latest titles making the transition.

Cut the Rope developer ZeptoLab has inked a deal with Sony Pictures Television to make a show based on the game. No, not a cartoon: a live-action game show, although animated hero Om Nom is seemingly set to play a role.

Battle Bears developer SkyVu is working with production company Wildbrain Entertainment on a whole series of cartoons based on its game. Half-hour episodes, in fact, which certainly shows confidence in the brand. Merchandise will be tied in.

Meanwhile, Rovio will soon debut its own series of animated episodes based on Angry Birds. It’s tempting to see all this as a brand new never-before-seen trend in 2012. But those of us who grew up with the Pac-Man cartoon will know that digital entertainment has translated to TV success in the past.