Rovio’s next big deal for Angry Birds is the brand’s most startling coup yet: a tie-up with Star Wars.

It’s set to be announced in the Times Square branch of Toys R Us in New York later today, but details of the partnership have already leaked out.

Such as? How about an Angry Birds-branded Death Star version of tower-blocks game Jenga? That’s what the Idle Hands blog has unearthed, along with a Star Wars Angry Birds At-At Attack Battle game, and a pack of figures with Angry Bird incarnations of Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and R2-D2.

Meanwhile, another site, Bleeding Cool, has pictures of a line of Star Wars Angry Birds plush toys. Hasbro is involved in the board games element of the deal.

What we don’t know at the time of writing is whether there will be digital elements to this tie-up too – for example a Star Wars-branded Angry Birds game for smartphones and tablets, or at least Star Wars levels for some of the existing Angry Birds games.

Even so, Rovio’s place at the top table for licensing deals is unquestioned. Equal billing with Star Wars for a mobile game brand that launched less than three years ago? That’s clout.