Go to any TV industry conference in 2012, and you’ll find speakers quoting various bits of research on social TV and multi-screen viewing.

The Guardian has done a sweep of studies published in 2012, gathering research from Google, Deloitte, Nielsen, Thinkbox, BSkyB and others into one article.

Some of the conclusions drawn from all of them: between 75% and 85% of TV viewers now use a smartphone, tablet or laptop while watching, although 60% of them are emailing (a figure that’s startlingly similar across the studies).

Somewhere between 37% and 52% of multi-screeners are using their non-TV devices to look for something relating to the show they’re watching at the time, though, while between 27% and 44% are browsing for products spotted in a show or ad.

More than a fifth of viewers appear to be chatting on Facebook or Twitter about shows, too.