Amazon has launched a photo management app for Android that ties into its Cloud Drive service, while AT&T has extended its own Locker cloud service to iOS with the creation of a new app.

The two cloud services are, as you might imagine, remarkably similar. The Amazon Android app gives users 5GB of free storage on Cloud Drive, allowing them to upload and view pictures from their Android phones or tablets. They can also share Cloud Drive photos via Facebook and other apps.

AT&T Locker, available via an existing Android app as well as the new iOS application, also offers 5GB of free space to new users, as well as simple photo uploading and sharing.

The difference, however, comes in upgrading your storage: Amazon Cloud Drive users can buy storage from $10 a year for an additional 20GB, while AT&T Locker offers upgrades to 30GB for $3.99 a month or to 100GB for $9.99 a month.