Foursquare recently opened up the Explore feature on its website for anyone to use, regardless of whether they were a registered Foursquare user. Now it’s doing the same on mobile.

Well, on one mobile platform, anyway. “Our BlackBerry team built a logged-out mobile version of Explore during a recent hackday,” explains the company on its blog.

“With today’s update, BlackBerry becomes the first place where you can download Foursquare and start searching for places immediately, before you’ve even signed up.”

The feature can’t rely on a history of the user’s check-ins, of course, so it bases its recommendations on other data from Foursquare’s wider community: “What’s popular in the neighborhood, where the experts go, the time of day, and more”.

Foursquare hasn’t said yet when or whether (we’re assuming it’s when) the no-signup version of Explore will be added to its iPhone, Android and Windows Phone apps.