Graphicly started life as a service selling digital comic books, but it’s evolving into something bigger: providing tools to help publishers digitise their books and add multimedia features.

“Our tools are now agnostic to genre,” CEO Micah Baldwin tells TechCrunch.

“The next big thing that we’re working on right now is injecting media like videos for enhanced books. Publishers are spending $20-50k to create book ‘apps’. Those book apps have most of the functionality that you can get inside of a digital book, as far as interactivity. With our approach, the cost then drops to $2-3K and accesses their back catalogue.”

Several other companies are touting similar platforms, and it’s a good time: Apple is thought to be encouraging publishers to focus on publishing enhanced books for its iBooks store rather than apps, unless they genuinely require functionality that’s not (yet) supported in iBooks.