Countless developers have had a crack at turning Little Red Riding Hood into an app, so why shouldn’t one of the world’s largest education publishers? Enter McGraw-Hill Education.

In fact, the publisher has released four new iPad book-apps for children: Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Country Mouse and City Mouse, and Why the Sea Is Salty.

The four apps sport similar stripped-down designs, with an emphasis on voice narration and illustrations. They’re all being sold for £1.49 on the App Store, and appear to be available globally.

Fairytales are a tough market to break into, when it comes to apps: crowded with poor-quality titles, with some very-impressive established leaders.

Then again, McGraw-Hill’s reputation in the educational sector may give its apps a fighting chance of rising above the herd and attracting the attention of parents and teachers.