2013 is going to be a crucial year for personal radio service Pandora, as it targets further global expansion, faces a powerful new rival from Apple, and ramps up the lobbying process for its next set of royalty rates.

Is the company worried about Apple? Not publicly.

“My sense about Apple entering streaming radio is that Pandora will continue to do the same things we’ve done all these years and the rest will sort itself out,” CTO Tom Conrad tells Business Insider, filing the mooted iRadio alongside past competitors like Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL and MySpace Music.

“I can say that generally I am not terribly competition-centric in my thinking of Pandora…”

However, Pandora is working hard to position itself to innovate rapidly in 2013 to fend off the competition: its recent relaunch of its mobile apps as Pandora 4.0, for example, will help it roll new features out more quickly across both web and mobile.