Online TV service Hulu has a new licensing deal, and it’s a biggie. US network CBS has signed on the dotted line to offer its TV shows through the Hulu Plus subscription service.

Well, some of them. The deal is for CBS’ “library of TV programming”, which sounds like it’ll have  a skew towards older series.

Those mentioned in Hulu’s blog post include Star Trek, I Love Lucy and The Twilight Zone, as well as Medium, Numb3rs and CSI: Miami – the latter three all having been cancelled in recent times.

A relatively cautious deal, then, but one that will still add more than 2,600 episodes to Hulu Plus’ catalogue, and provide CBS with the data to decide whether it wants to bring newer fare to the service too.

The new episodes will start being added to Hulu Plus in January 2013, with “a selection of CBS library shows” also rotating through Hulu’s free service. Episodes of CBS’ Entertainment Tonight show will also be available on both tiers of Hulu on the day they air.