Games industry veteran Peter Molyneux quit his role as creative lead at Microsoft Studios Europe in March 2012 to try startup life as part of developer 22 Cans. Now his first game has been released: Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube.

Well, we say game… Filed in the Entertainment category of the App Store, Curiosity is described as a “one-of-a-kind social experiment” for iPhone and iPad, with players encouraged to “join thousands of people worldwide to simultaneously chip away at a giant cube to discover the life-changing secret buried inside”.

The twist is that only the first person to reach the centre of the cube will discover its secret. Players earn coins while chipping away, which can be spent on “new destructive and playful tools” to help. Music, social features and regular surprises are promised.

According to Molyneux, 24m little cubes have already been destroyed in four hours, after the game went live earlier than expected.

Curiosity is certainly causing a stir within the games industry, as people speculate about what’s inside the cube, and what Molyneux might do next. The App Store listing has a bit more on that too: this is “the first of 22 experiments” from the designer.