British magazine The Big Issue has been going since 1991, sold by homeless and vulnerably-housed people on the streets. Now it’s gone digital with an iOS app, released yesterday on the App Store.

In its print form, The Big Issue’s vendors buy the magazine from its publisher for £1.25 per issue, then sell them for £2.50 each. How does this work digitally though? The issues cost £2.49 via in-app purchase, which means Apple is presumably taking a 30% cut of each sale. What about vendors?

“In a digital mechanism, we will be able to direct much more money to a central pot from where it will be used to provide essential support for homeless men and women,” explains the app’s App Store listing.

The app is being published by Dennis Publishing, in what’s presumably a partnership with The Big Issue. The launch follows an announcement last month of a digital online version of the magazine, accessed via cards sold by vendors.