Chuck Studios, a partnership between ad giant BBH and Dutch sweet maker Perfetti Van Melle, has produced its first game for iOs to promote the latter’s Chupa Chups brand.

Give a Dam, available for free from the App Store, is billed as a game of “physics and creativity” in which players must navigate their way through 12 different river dam settings, with characters including a beaver and a rather incongruous shark.

“Chupa Chups enjoys engaging with fans in fun and cheeky ways and Give a Dam promotes what fans have come to expect from our brand in a clever and quirky way”, said Dillah Zakbah from Chuck Studios.

The game follows on from Chuck Studios’ Facebook game Chupa Chucker, also designed to push the colourful lollipop brand.

And it could be just the first in a line of games to feature Chupa Chups: Chuck’s website touts its service for third parties, offering “Chupa Chups intellectual property, a huge online fanbase, and access to funding and global marketing support, magnified by BBH’s creative firepower and operational expertise”. So if you’ve ever wanted your very own lollipop-based game, you know where to go.

Give A Dam was created in partnership with Indonesian game studio Nightspade.