Guitar Hero co-creator Charles Huang has revealed how he plans to change your phone into “a full console experience” and re-imagine games for the living room.

In an interview with Games Beat, Huang outlined how his Green Throttle Games company intends to transform the gaming arena by producing a controller that connects wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet, as well as via cable to your TV, to allow gamers to bridge the divide between static games consoles and mobile devices.

“Mobile gaming is exploding, and new smart devices are becoming powerful alternatives to traditional consoles,” Huang told the site. “We just need a simple and fun way for people to play games both on the go and on the couch. Our mission is to create great game experiences that bring people together — a big-screen experience where you can just start playing games on a television, as simple as that.”

The company’s plans include a software development kit that will enable developers to adapt their games to work with the controller and partnering with games companies to make first-party games that will allow two players to play the same game on a single television screen, console-style.

Green Throttle is also working on a website, the Green Throttle Arena, that will serve as a central hub, allowing gamers to download all games supported by the Green Throttle controller.