Well, that was quick. Less than four hours after its release (at the time of writing), Angry Birds Star Wars was the top paid app on Apple’s App Store in the UK, and the fourth on its Top Grossing chart.

The game, which is the result of a high-profile partnership between Rovio and Lucasfilm, was released this morning for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, with separate PC and Mac versions also available.

Its pricing strategy varies by platform: 69p for iPhone, £1.99 for iPad, a choice of free ad-funded or £1.99 premium for Android, and 79p for Windows Phone.

It’s the most high-profile game yet to get a simultaneous release across Apple, Google and Microsoft’s mobile stores.

Rovio is also using in-app purchases to make money from the app. 80 levels across two worlds are included in the initial download, with players able to pay £1.49 for another 40 levels. The company’s Mighty Eagle power-up has also been reworked as the Mighty (Millennium) Falcon, which can be replenished with further in-app purchases.

Fittingly for both brands, there is also a full range of spin-off merchandise available.