For anyone who thinks a 24 or even 48-hour hackathon just isn’t quite enough, a group of developers has come up with the idea of Appril, a hackathon that is set to last a whole month.

The idea, according to organiser Simon Vansintjan, is to encourage people to try to build apps as well as helping them to find similar individuals in their area.

“Appril is an initiative to learn about app creation, to build a stronger app community, and to release a monster load of apps onto the world,” the group says on its site. “Appril aims to encourage people to set out and build that app that they’ve been thinking of building all this time.”

And the month-long running time? “We like hackathons as a way of trying out something new, but ultimately you’ll only have small results in the span of 24 or 48 hours,” the group says. “We want to encourage people to build their app, and build it right. You’ll be able to find your way easier, sleep better, and make less stupid mistakes.”