Babies generally need very little encouragement to play with, chew on and dribble all over their parents’ smartphones so creating an app to appeal to the little horrors might seem tantamount to telephonic suicide. However, Fisher Price has addressed this problem neatly by creating both a storybook app for kids and a reader device to protect your iPhone or iPod Touch from dribbles and drool.

The Storybook Rhymes app for iOS is aimed at encouraging early learning and features children’s songs, animation and classic stories One, Two, Buckle My Shoe and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

For the younger baby there is a Sing To Me mode, in which the narrator sings the stories and any touch advances the content, while for older babies there is a Read & Learn mode, in which the narrator reads the stories and interactive touch points reveal additional animated content.

The app itself is free but Fisher Price is using it to encourage sales of its Apptivity Storybook Reader, which protects your iPhone or iPod Touch from dribbles, drool and worse. The reader goes on sale in the US in December and Fisher Price is already promising more free interactive story apps to accompany it.