Social games giant Zynga is moving into new areas of gaming, including gambling, but also ‘mid-core’ titles aimed at gamers who want a little more to chew on than virtual cows and coin-clicking.

One upcoming release is Battlestone, developed by a studio called November Software which, it has emerged, was quietly acquired by Zynga earlier in 2012.

Co-founded by a group of former LucasArts developers, the studio has built its own 3D engine for a “new take on action combat for mobile” called Golden Arrow. Post-acquisition, that’s now been renamed Battlestone in advance of a release by Zynga.

“When we talk about mid-core games, we’re really talking about making a deep game experience more accessible,” explain the November team in a blog post. “We know that players, like us, love a good action combat game, so we want to push the limits on social and mobile games, and at the same time create an experience that fits around their schedule.”

It’s part of a wider trend trying to tap into this idea of keen gamers who simply don’t have the time to play a sprawling game on console or PC – for another non-mobile example, see Sports Interactive’s “Classic Mode” in Football Manager 2013. Or, as we fondly think of it, “Dad Mode”.