22Cans, the new company from games veteran Peter Molyneux, is calling on the public to donate money to help make its Curiosity – What’s Inside The Cube game into “the best possible experience it can be”.

The appeal comes as the company is trying to fix server issues that have affected many users of the game, although it is not clear if the two are related.

In a video on the 22Cans site, Molyneux said that Curiosity – in which players simultaneously chip away at a giant cube to discover the “life-changing secret buried inside” – had attracted many more users then they had expected since launching last Tuesday, with around 1m users to date.

“We are desperate to get these bugs fixed, and the reason we are desperate to get them fixed is we want to carry on with the experiment,” he said. “There is lots of stuff that we’ve got planned, lots of interesting stuff that happens as we go through the layers, that we haven’t been able to do because we’ve been fixing this problem.”

Curiosity is currently free although Molyneux recently told Pocket Gamer that 22Cans may look to monetise the release when enough data has been gathered from the game.