The most successful business news companies tend to keep their data to themselves. Given the results companies like Bloomberg and the Financial Times have had persuading people to pay for their content, it seems to be working.

However, these companies can open up in ways that benefit their core businesses rather than cannibalise them. Witness Bloomberg’s new App Portal, which has just gone live.

It’s a catalogue of apps by non-Bloomberg developers and companies that tap into Bloomberg’s news and data feeds.

The Bloomberg App Portal harnesses third-party innovation to broaden customer content. More than 45 apps are available at launch, and Bloomberg says that its corporate customers can also use the App Portal to distribute their own apps securely to their staff and clients.

As part of the launch, Bloomberg is making an open API (or BLPAPI, as they’re calling it) available to developers. “Software developers with a great idea, but limited global reach, can work with Bloomberg to get in front of financial professionals around the world virtually overnight,” says Enterprise Products and Solutions boss Stanley Young.