Earlier this year, BSkyB updated its Sky+ iPad app, turning it into a remote control for the Sky+HD set-top box. Now the iPhone app has got the same treatment.

This means Sky+ owners will be able to change channels; pause, play and rewind live TV; and watch, set and delete recordings on the device from their iPhone or iPod touch.

The features rely on the Sky+HD box being connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the iOS device. Sky says that the functionality will be added to its Sky+ Android app “in the coming months” too.

The upgrade will be useful for a significant number of people in the UK: the Sky+ app has 1.2m unique monthly users, having been downloaded more than 5m times since its launch in 2009.

“Having received great feedback about these features when we introduced them to the Sky+ app for iPad earlier this year, it’s great to now be making them available on iPhone too, which is obviously the ideal size for use as a remote control,” says Sky’s brand director for TV products Luke Bradley-Jones.

Touchscreen devices killing the traditional remote control? Discuss.