Can second-screen mobile apps persuade more people to watch a TV show? Transmedia developer The Project Factory claims they can, and has a specific example to illustrate it.

The company worked with broadcaster RTL and producer Endemol on an app for Dutch soap opera GTST earlier this year. Well, an app and other cross-platform content, as part of a campaign called ‘Who is Tim?’ that aimed to spark viewers’ interest in between series of the show.

The app was downloaded more than 280k times, with its games played more than 4m times. But more importantly, the show’s ratings spiked by 25% when its next series started – something The Project Factory says was “attributed directly to the app”.

“We cannot afford to underestimate how swiftly audiences are moving to mobile devices for rich viewing experiences and producers need to think about how to make content for these screens; getting their content on these screens; and retaining engagement with their (TV) content through simultaneously providing something on these screens,” says director Jennifer Wilson.