For all Nokia’s problems in recent years, one consistent bright spot has been its mapping and navigation services. Now the company is bumping up its efforts in this area even more with the launch of something called HERE.

Nokia describes it as “the world’s first location cloud that delivers a location platform, location content and location apps across any screen and any operating system”, making it clear that this isn’t just restricted to its own Lumia Windows Phones.

That means a HERE Maps app for iOS, one for Mozilla’s upcoming Firefox OS, and a HERE Maps API for Android, which Nokia’s partners will be able to use to create their own Android apps.

There’s more: a collection of technologies called LiveSight bundling 3D sight interface, line of sight views and the ability to freeze-frame views of a city, which will first be used in Nokia’s own City Lens Windows Phone app. And also the acquisition of a company called Earthmine, which “offers a complete solution for collecting, processing, managing, and hosting 3D street level imagery”.

Or Streetview, as Google might call this kind of thing. With location and mapping currently perceived as a strength for Google and a weakness for Apple, it will be fascinating to see how Nokia’s moves ripple in the market over the coming months.