The Shazam app is about more than just identifying music nowadays – it can tag TV shows and adverts – but that hasn’t lessened its impact on the music industry, as people buy the songs they identify.

“We will drive more than $300 million in music sales this year via our digital storefront partners like iTunes and Amazon, so we receive affiliate revenue from this, which ads up given that we sell over 500,000 songs per day,” EVP of marketing David Jones tells Kickshuffle.

Shazam now has a database of 25m music tracks, received from labels, artists and managers, DJs and TV music supervisors. Jones adds that Shazam users tag more than 10m pieces of content a day: songs, shows and ads.

While music is still a core service for Shazam, though, Jones says that TV advertising “is our fastest growing source of revenue for the company”, with more than 200 ads so far Shazam-enabled in the US, Europe and Australia.