Some 55% of Britons have connected their TV set to the internet according to a YouGov study that inadvertently raises questions about the appeal of Smart TVs.

YouGov speculates in its study of the UK’s TV habits that this drive for connected TVs could lead to an increase in sales for Smart TVs, even going so far as to predict that sales could reach nearly £2.54bn in 2013.

However, the 55% figure includes TVs that are connected via set-top boxes, games consoles etc, rather than just taking into account Smart TVs, which connect directly to the internet.

As such, the study inadvertently raises questions about whether people really do want Smart TVs or simply TVs that connect to the internet, be it via console, smartphone, tablet or set-top box / Apple TV.

The study also found that 11% of respondents intend to purchase a Smart TV in the next year, although it is worth noting that “smart” features are becoming increasingly standard in HD TV sets, which means that many people may buy Smart TVs with internet connection, at best, as an afterthought.