More than 1m iOS apps have been submitted to Apple’s App Store since its launch in 2008, according to app discovery firm Appsfire, which keeps a close eye on this kind of number.

Apple hasn’t confirmed the total. We’d expect the company to keep its powder dry until it can announce 1m apps available on its store. Not least because the submissions number highlights how many apps have been rejected or removed.

Appsfire claims that just over 736k iOS apps are currently live on the store, with around 45% of them paid and 55% free.

1m submitted apps sparks one question in our minds: how on earth are all these developers making money? Of course, many aren’t, but that may not be a big problem for many of them.

Why? Here’s a separate survey from Evans Data in the US, which claims more than 50% of developers see their apps as a sideline. “The bulk of those apps are being developed by the same developers who write traditional software for many types of companies as their day job,” claims the company.