While some traditional magazine publishers are doing very well on Apple’s iOS Newsstand with their digital titles, others continue to have concerns about the level of data being shared by Apple on their readers.

At yesterday’s Guardian Mobile Business Summit in London, a panel drawn from the media and entertainment industries were asked what they’d like to see platform and store owners like Apple improve in the next year.

“Share more data,” said John Barnes, MD of digital and technology at B2B publisher Incisive Media. “The other thing I’d desperately like Apple do is to be a bit more descriptive when an app fails about why it’s failed. We are supposed to be partners after all.”

Barnes was backed up by Geoff Inns, MD at CBS Interactive UK. “As publishers we thrive on the data that our audiences give us, and using a closed system you have so much less access to valuable audience data,” he said, and later returned to the theme. “The [ad] buying community is very much in the mindset of data data data, so it’s quite difficult to work in an environment where you simply don’t have that visibility.”

When asked what’s stopping companies like Apple from sharing more data, Barnes gave a forthright response: “Size, power, greed.”