Google is reportedly working on an open alternative to Apple’s AirPlay, which would allow greater connection between second-screens and TV-connected devices.

Earlier this month the company added AirPlay-esque one-touch connection to its YouTube app for Android, allowing users to browse videos on their mobile and send them to a Google TV device on the same Wi-Fi network at the click of a button.

However, GigaOm reports that this is just the tip of the iceberg of a wider attempt by Google to connect TVs and second-screen devices. Google product manager Timbo Drayson told GigaOm, “We really want to move the whole industry forward,” adding that Google is “actively working with other companies” to turn this into an open standard, which could be used on other platforms and for other apps.

The new service will allow users to control their TV from their smartphone or tablet, as well as send video from their device to their TV. But it will not all be one-way traffic: Drayson told GigaOm that the new protocol will allow data to flow in both directions, allowing developers to build second-screen apps that work with live TV.