Mobile has the power to be more disruptive for business than the web as it will radically transform consumer engagement, according to a new Forrester report.

The report’s author Thomas Husson claims that for most companies mobile will merely extend their business rather than transform it, much as the web itself did.

Nevertheless, Husson says mobile has the potential to be more disruptive than the web, if not for the financial reasons you might expect. “The mobile revolution will inevitably transform your business in the next decade, too — not because mobile will generate massive direct revenues but because it will trigger a more radical transformation toward systems of engagement,” he says.

Mobile, Husson says, allows consumers to act immediately and companies need to adapt to this. Brands who are able to do this – reacting to customers’ preferences, attitudes and needs in real time via mobile – “will be able to leapfrog the competition and, more importantly, provide their services at a premium”.

“The firms that do this well will discover innovative ways to extend their existing business models and open up new monetisation opportunities,” Husson concludes.

Forrester’s How To Start Bridging The Mobile Monetization Gap” report is available now.