Nielsen has published the results of its annual survey into what gadgets American 6-12 year-olds are interested in buying in the next six months – which might more accurately be described as ‘interested in being given for Christmas’.

It’s good news for Apple, with iOS products taking four of the top five slots in the resulting chart. 48% of these children want an iPad, 36% an iPod touch, 36% an iPad mini and 33% an iPhone, with only Nintendo’s Wii U (39%) getting in among those products.

One conclusion: this is where traditional games companies are being disrupted: 29% of children want one of Nintendo’s DS handhelds, 26% a PS3 and 25% an Xbox 360.

For many younger children, the first device they play games on is now a parent’s iOS device – but if parents act on the wishes displayed in Nielsen’s survey, the first gaming device that slightly older kids own may also come from Apple.

Also important: a recognition of just how many children may be using these smart devices. That has ramifications for manufacturers – when will Apple put a proper Kids mode in iOS? – and also for digital services. Think streaming music services offering family plans covering entire households, through to Netflix and rivals developing their own child-safe modes.