After notching up 100m downloads, Skype has overhauled its Android app to support all tablet and smartphone sizes and add better sound quality.

On its official blog Skype says that Version 3.0 of its Android app “looks great no matter what screen size you have – either on a smaller Android phone or the more spacious display of your tablet”.

The move is designed primarily to appeal to tablet owners. “With so many now using tablets to make video and voice calls with Skype, this latest version is optimised to scale to your tablet’s bigger screen, so you can experience Skype on a larger display wherever you go,” the company writes on its blog.

The new app also supports wideband audio codec, SILK, which is designed to capture “the richness of human speech” and also copes well with the varying speeds of internet connections.

A Skype spokesperson tells TechCrunch that the company’s Android app has been downloaded more than 100m times to date, up from 70m at the end of June.