Well, they would, you might scoff. But remember how the wider games and mobile industries also scoffed when the Finnish firm was setting its sights on 100m Angry Birds downloads a couple of years ago?

More than one billion downloads later, the company has earned the right to serious consideration of its grand ambitions.

“We announced 30m DAU at one point, but that was ages ago. We want to be the first entertainment brand with one billion fans every day, watching animations, using our services,” marketing boss Peter Vesterbacka told the Slush conference yesterday.

“People think of the one company people use day, which is Coca Cola, and that’s just a soft drink. So it should be straightforward for us to get to one billion fans every day in the next two to three years.”

Another interesting point from the conference: Rovio now has more daily active Angry Birds users in China than it does in the US, making China its biggest market in terms of DAUs, if not (yet) in revenues.