Shortlist magazine’s interactive issue attracted almost 230,000 interactions from readers, with the playable Chuckie Egg cover accounting for around one third of the total.

The magazine, released on November 7 in association with augmented reality specialist Blippar, included what publishers said was “the world’s first playable gaming cover” as part of 34 pages of interactive content.

Blippar said the magazine attracted 229,178 unique “blipps” (interactions) from 51,451 readers – around one tenth of the magazine’s total circulation. The interactive Chuckie Egg cover accounted for 78,288 blipps.

Blippar said that the campaign helped to sustain the life of the weekly free magazine, with around 10% of interactions registered nearly one week after the issue was released.

Blippar CEO Ambarish Mitra said the results demonstrated the potential for technology to revolutionise print.

“Together, we have demonstrated that we have superseded all the stepping stone technologies – such as QR codes, tags, digital watermarking and photo-snapping recognition,” he said. “The implications for media partners and their advertisers are immense.”