Futureful, a new content discovery service backed by Skype co-founder Janus Friis, will launch an iPad app in the US in January.

The service uses semantic tagging and artificial intelligence to provide what GigaOm calls “an intelligent chain of content discovery” online.

As users browse, tags which relate to the current content appear at the top of the screen. When clicked on, these take the user to a related page with its own set of tags – and so on. The app’s unique feature, however, is that users will apparently never see the same content twice.

“It’s a new way to consume content,” co-founder Marko Anderson told GigaOm. “We want the interface to be as simple and fluid as possible. Based on my usage of the service, I get very different things coming to me. If I choose ‘Silicon Valley’ and somebody else does too, the content might be different.”

“The web is overflowing with inspiration and imagination… yet we seem to end up in the same old places,” Futureful says on its website. “Isn’t there a better way for the good stuff to find us?”