iOS game Boyfriend Maker has disappeared from the App Store, days after a report revealed that the virtual dating app included inappropriate sexual talk.

The app, from developer 36 You Games, was rated for ages of four and upwards on the App Store. However, a Pocket Gamer report last week revealed that its chat mode occasionally delivered some highly inappropriate content, including references to sex with children.

In a test, the question “When did you last have sex?” was answered “last night there were 5 but only one was consciouse [sic]. They where kids and I didn’t want to here them scream.”

The problem, according to Pocket Gamer, may come from 36 You’s use of a third-party chat engine from SimSimi that allows users to suggest possible responses to various questions. SimSimi’s own chat app is rated 17+ on the App Store.

36 You is yet to comment on Boyfriend Maker’s disappearance.