Free Lunch Design’s iOS platform game Icy Tower 2 has passed 1m downloads after just ten days of release, an achievement CEO Magnus Alm called the company’s “biggest yet”.

To celebrate, the Gothenburg-based studio has released a wealth of stats around the game, which include 185,000 daily active users, 9,752,930 games played and 40.7m coins spent so far.

Icy Tower 2 is, of course, the follow up to the original Icy Tower, which was  released in 2001 and has now been played by more than 40m people, according to Free Lunch.

However, Alm said the sequel’s canter past the 1m download mark betters the original’s success. “Reaching the 1m milestone this fast proves our capability to compete with the best,” he said. “This is hands down the biggest achievement yet for our small studio.”