While the US gorged itself on turkey last Thursday, photo-sharing service Instagram was enjoying its own feast of activity, as celebrating Americans reached for their smartphones.

“Over 10 million photos that mentioned Thanksgiving-themed words in their captions were shared yesterday,” explains Instagram in a blog post published on Friday.

“ For several hours throughout the day, more than 200 photos about Thanksgiving were posted every second. Overall, the day broke all Instagram records as we saw the number of shared photos more than double from the day before, making it our busiest day so far.”

‘People take lots of photos with popular photo-sharing app on national holiday’ isn’t an enormous shock, of course. But the figures show Instagram’s current scale in its native market.

Remember, this is just photos that mentioned Thanksgiving words in their descriptions. No-description shots of turkeys etc won’t be included in that total.

The news follows figures from eBay and PayPal showing that people weren’t just taking snaps on their smartphones for Thanksgiving – they were shopping too. Now all these services will start preparing for Christmas, which is set to see an even bigger spike in usage/spending.