The Talking Friends juggernaut rolls on, with the launch of the Talking Friends Superstar line, bringing Tom, Angela and Ginger to the physical world.

Outfit7 is now selling app-powered plush toys of the three characters, which will talk, scream and laugh back at your child. The bespoke Talking Friends Superstar app is free, although each toy will set you back around $50. The toys will also respond to existing Talking Friends apps, according to Outfit7.

“Built from the ground up with mobile devices in mind, Talking Tom Superstar seamlessly responds to your Talking Friends apps with catchy tunes, witty riddles, amusing jokes and a number of whimsical sounds,” the Talking Tom product description reads.

Expect these toys to be big this Christmas: as we reported last month the Talking Friends series is nearing 600m total downloads, while the series of apps has 120m monthly active users.