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We’re trying something new with The Appside Bulletin…

If you’re reading this story as part of our daily Appside Bulletin, you’ll notice something different as you scroll further down. The stories are a lot shorter.

We’ve been listening carefully to feedback from readers, and one of the key points has been concern at the sheer length of the daily bulletin: with 12-15 full-length stories, it’s a great big wodge of text to read, especially if you’re more interested in two or three sections in particular.

So, from today, we’re trying something new: shorter excerpts which summarise each story neatly, with the full text found on The Appside website. Or to put it a different way: those Read More links under each story really do mean ‘read more’ now.

This could look like a transparent attempt to make you click through to our website – that’s one reason we haven’t done this in the past. But a lot of feedback has been telling us that people really would prefer shorter summaries so they can scan the Bulletin quicker, then click through for stories they’re interested in.

For our part, we’re determined to make sure there’s value if you do click through: analysis and putting news and new apps in context. We hope you like the new structure, but more feedback is always welcome to on how you’d like to see us continue to evolve.