US TV channel Bravo debuted its Play Live interactive TV service last night, with viewers able to vote on various questions during talk show Watch What Happens Live.

As the programme rolled, viewers saw questions, polls and other prompts related to the topics being discussed appear on screen.

They could then vote on these using their desktop, mobile or tablet, with the results running on air in real-time. Play Live is set to roll out across Bravo in the coming weeks, with advertisers also able to use the technology to create polls and display offers.

Lisa Hsia, executive vice president of Bravo Digital Media, told Mashable that Play Live is “a new way for fans to enjoy the show with other fans and encourages live viewing”.

She explained that viewers will be asked interactive question such as “Who will be the first wife to walk out of Adrienne’s dinner party? (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)” or How much do you think this apartment will sell for? (Million Dollar Listing)”.