Bauer Media is the latest magazine publisher to test augmented reality technology with one of its popular titles: More! magazine in the UK.

Today sees the publication of the weekly mag’s first AR issue, which can be interacted with using an Expect More! app that’s been released for iOS and Android. It’s the work of developer Engine Creative, using Aurasma’s AR platform.

A logo printed on pages throughout the issue indicates AR content, particularly videos: “celeb men’s saucy secrets” as well as interviews with Olly Murs and Louis Smith. More will follow in next week’s issue.

“Mobile is vital for this audience and we are excited to be amplifying more’s unique men & sex content – which sets us apart from the weekly market – in this way,” says publisher Lauren Holleyoake. “This offers our readers real added value and creates talkability around the brand.”

That’s a notable phrase – “talkability around the brand” – since right now, that’s one of the few ways people are measuring how well AR works for magazines and other brands. Which to sceptics, makes it more a PR gimmick than something that adds genuine, long-term value.

That said, Bauer isn’t completely new to this kind of technology: earlier this year it uses AR for another of its magazines, Heat, which Engine Creative says saw “200,000 page interactions in one week along with a click through rate peaking at an incredible 64.5%”.