Internet bank Smile has launched an Android app that allows customers to check their balances and view recent transactions, although not to make payments.

The Android app follows the bank’s iOS app, which came out in June, and offers largely the same services. Customers can access their accounts, receive mini statements, set up weekly balance and account limit text alerts and find their nearest Co-operative Bank or Britannia Branch. What it doesn’t offer, however, is the ability to make payments and transfers, something that has irked early users.

“Finally an app from smile! About time…but it would be good if you could also make payments and transfers like other banking apps!” writes Megan Jefferys on the App Store. “Hopefully smile can work on this.”

“This App misses the point completely; I want to be in control of my money, not simply look at it,” adds Matthew Fray. “If I want to pay a bill or make a money transfer etc. then I still have to use the full site. Therefore I may as well continue to do everything through Safari on my iPhone which will allow me to have full access to my account.”